Anthony Scaramucci Thanks...Biden?...For 'Developing a COVID-19 Vaccine'


Someone tell Anthony Scaramucci that President Trump is still the president.

Actually, scratch that - because given his apparent inability to grasp basic facts, he wouldn’t understand anyway. Just tell him to go sit down and let the grown-ups talk.

Just hours after it was announced that drug company Pfizer may have developed a coronavirus vaccine with a 90 percent success rate, former White House comms director for 10 days “the Mooch” took to Twitter Monday to reveal his own astounding ignorance, thanking Biden – not Trump, Biden – for the vaccine. 

“Thank you @JoeBiden for developing a COVID-19 vaccine. @realDonaldTrumphad four years to do it and couldn’t,” Scaramucci wrote on Twitter.

Which is strange on a number of counts – the most obvious being that Joe Biden isn’t yet president, making him utterly not responsible for any federal assistance that may have helped speed up the vaccine’s development.

And coming in at a close second is Scaramucci’s assertion that Trump “had four years” to develop an inoculation for a virus that only started making the rounds about a year ago.

But if anyone wants to give credit where it’s due for Pfizer’s recent (and still alleged) success, it’s Trump – and indisputably so. The Trump administration is the one that developed and implemented Operation Warp Speed, a federal initiative that paved the way for drug companies to speed up production and distribution of a COVID vaccine far faster than most vaccines are developed. The plan included freeing up millions in federal funds to support vaccine development, as well as cutting through red tape to speed up testing and production of the drugs.

But it seems that as with the booming economy and the historic peace deals being made in the Middle East, Trump haters are bending over backwards - and revising not only history, but current events - in an effort to deprive the president of any credit for his accomplishments. 

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