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Allen West: The Real 'Manufactured Crisis'

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The progressive socialist left introduced a theme, as they always do, and they continue to rhetorically assert this theme, “manufactured crisis”. They’re allies in the liberal progressive media has taken up this theme, talking point, but sadly, as we all know, they apply it to the real crisis occurring at our southern

Regardless of the facts before them, the delusion of the left continues, and their media accomplices are complicit in perpetrating this false narrative. They dismiss and ignore the “Angel Families” who have lost loved ones at the hands of criminal illegal immigrants. They have embarked upon a deranged crusade to demonize our Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. They have established states and cities for illegal immigrants to find sanctuary in complete disregard of our rule of law. The progressive socialist left and their media cohorts have gone so far as to decry the temporary plight of illegal immigrant families who are separated. Yet, they say nothing of the American families who shall be forever separated…The Steine’s, The Tibbet”s, The Shaw’s, The Corcoran’s. And we could go on and fill this missive with countless names.

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