45 Missiles Fired From Gaza at Israel - The Media? Silent.


Militants fired 45 missiles out of the Gaza Strip into Israel on Wednesday — but you most likely didn’t hear about it — because the liberal media doesn’t want you to.

Israel was able to intercept seven of the rockets, and as of now, no casualties have been reported. Prior to the missile strike, Israel struck three targets in Gaza as a response to the Palestinian’s use of weapons to destroy thousands of acres of Israeli farmland.

Now why exactly does the media refuse to report on this? Because the media’s view of the Gaza situation goes something like this:

"Israel is an evil regime oppressing the Palestinians; therefore when Israel kills any sort of Palestinian, terrorist related or not, it must be reported on. But whenever Hamas or other Palestinians attack Israel? No need to report. They’re justified in their violence."

The Gaza Strip is perhaps the perfect example of bias by omission in the media. The public only hears one side of the story -- one set of facts; one massive, false narrative.

When Israel Defense Forces kill Hamas terrorists, whose sole purpose is to destroy Israel, we hear “innocent Palestinians killed on the Gaza Strip by IDF.” When Hamas sends rockets into Israel or celebrates their successful suicide bombing record, we hear crickets.

The media will continue to skew the facts about Gaza and the U.N. will continue to condemn Israel while ignoring the crimes of actual regimes, but you can educate yourself on the actual facts of the situation, and think for yourself. Who needs the mainstream media anyway?

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