3-Year-Old Boy Among Those Killed in Chicago Weekend Shootings: At Least 15 Dead, Another 89 Wounded


(Note: The numbers in the headline have changed because of another person dying from their wounds. The previous headline noted that at least 14 people were killed and another 90 were wounded.)

How do the criminals in Chicago observe a holiday like Father’s Day? They shoot 104 people on a weekend, of course. There’s no word yet if those Black Lives Matter give a crap. There’s no protest scheduled. There’s no renaming of classic food brands or removals of movies from streaming platforms because of the dead. Think of it this way; more people were killed over the last weekend in Chicago than the entirety of unarmed black people shot and killed by police in 2019. And still, no one cares. I’ll just keep plugging away until someone pays attention.

Are you ready for these numbers, because they should make anyone sick to their stomach over the inaction by the highly supported Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

At least 15 people were murdered over the Father’s Day weekend, with at least another 89 wounded in shootings across the Chicagoland area. Those numbers are more than three times the number of shooting victims from the previous weekend, which saw at least two people killed and another 31 wounded.

Apparently, during Father’s Day weekend it was cool to shoot children, because multiple kids were among the wounded and the dead. Five of the 15 people murdered over the weekend were minors. One child was just 3-years-old.

Here’s the list of those who were killed over the weekend, with the children being listed first:

Mekay James, 3

Unidentified Male minor, 15

Amaria J. Jones, 13

Jasean Francis, 17

Charles Riley, 16

Unidentified Male, 41

Unidentified Male, 30

Alexis Perez, 41

Toby Boens, 22

Gary Tinder, 20

Alonzo X. Robinson, 27

Brandon McGhee, 23

Almos Collum, 33

Johnny Teajue, 33

Was that list long enough for everyone? Will it make guilty white liberals march in the streets for them? It won’t, because it rarely - if ever in the last 40 years - has.

Now for the yearly total of weekend shooting victims, which gets more depressing every week. After this past weekend’s “festivities,” at least 124 people have been shot and killed on weekend in the city of Chicago, with another 652 wounded. The Chicago Tribune, who keeps track of all shooting victims regardless of the day of the week, reported that — as of June 11 — 1,290 people have been shot in Chicago. That numbers is 227 victims ahead of 2019’s pace.

The numbers keep getting worse and worse. There’s no sign of it slowing down, especially with police officers being vilified across the country for simply existing. This is the precise reason I don’t believe most people that say “Black Lives Matter.” Apparently, only certain black lives matter to them.

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