Yuma, Ariz. Mayor Withdraws Border City Emergency Proclamation, Expresses Gratitude to Trump Admin.

Nick Kangadis | December 20, 2019
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The year 2019 seems to be wrapping itself up quite nicely. Sure, we have to deal with the circus that is the impeachment process, but overall, life could be worse. At least the Southwestern border appears to be getting back under control and more manageable for border security.

The mayor of Yuma, Arizona Douglas Nicholls officially withdrew the city’s emergency declaration during a Thursday meeting with Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli.

Back in April, Nicholls issued an emergency proclamation following “unprecedented levels of illegal immigration,” according to the Daily Caller.

Nicholls conveyed his gratitude to the Trump administration for their role in the diminishing number of migrants attempting to cross the border.

Nicholls said the following in a statement:

I am grateful to be able to withdraw the Proclamation of Emergency due to the Trump Administration's policy changes that diminish the flow of the migrant family units to the Yuma area and prevent releases into the Yuma community. Today is a momentous day for the Yuma region as I was able to withdraw the Proclamation of Emergency alongside Acting Deputy Secretary Cuccinelli.

It looks as though the Trump administration’s border policies have been working — at least in the Yuma region of the U.S. border with Mexico.

“The number of Central American family units apprehended has decreased by 85% since the height of the crisis in May,” Cuccinelli said in the same statement as Nicholls. “And thanks to a number of policies we implemented, we have ended catch and release and are returning, removing and repatriating more aliens from the border than ever before.”

The Daily Caller reported that the number of “border enforcement actions” dropped to 42,600 in November, while the number was at 109,000 in April when Nicholls made the Proclamation of Emergency.

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