YouTube Warns Viewers 'Hannity' Clip with Trump Statement May be 'Inappropriate or Offensive'

Nick Kangadis | August 27, 2021

Oh, Big Tech. They’re so vague on their censorship that you never really know exactly why they take the actions they do. Their censorship could be for what you think it is, but we can't really don’t know for sure. That’s the beauty of their previously mentioned vagueness. They can get away with it because you don’t know the exact reasons.

It seems like they have struck again, this time YouTube is the culprit.

Fox News’ YouTube channel has plenty of videos within the last day or so of the carnage in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan.

So one has to wonder why YouTube has placed an “inappropriate or offensive” content disclaimer, that you have to “understand” and click on, in order to view on a “Hannity” clip which includes commentary on Afghanistan and — a statement by former President Donald Trump.

Here’s a screenshot of the warning screen:


It can’t be for the graphic content coming out of Afghanistan, because — as mentioned earlier — plenty of other Fox News videos on YouTube contain the same graphic content.

So what is it? It couldn’t possibly be Trump’s statement, could it?

Sure, Trump has practically been banished from all Big Tech social media platforms, because…well, no one really knows for sure, but he is.

We can’t say for sure, but we all — deep down — know why they censored that specific video by slapping an acknowledgment agreement on it.

I guess, for Big Tech, orange man still bad.

To see for yourselves, watch - if you can - the video below: