YouTube To Use WHO Rhetoric As a Basis For MORE Censorship

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 1, 2022
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Echoing the oppressive sentiment of California Governor Gavin Newsom -- who recently signed AB 2098, a bill allowing the monopolistic Medical Board of California to revoke the licenses of doctors who “spread” what it calls misinformation” or “spread” what it labels “disinformation” about COVID19 – YouTube recently published a “Blog Post” proclaiming that will down-push posts by medical professionals who do not conform to the ”truth” as defined by the World Health Organization.

The post, entitled, “New Ways for Licensed Healthcare Professionals To Reach People on YouTube” levers that title to obfuscate what the Google-Alphabet albatross actually is doing.

See, it’s not just a “new way” for “licensed” docs to “reach people.” It’s an “incentive-punishment” protocol that favors those who conform and punishes those who do not. (Kinda like a Chinese “Social Credit” system, or the growing corporate “ESG” – Environmental Social Governance – that’s seeing authoritarians like the Federal Reserve push banks to arbitrarily determine the kinds/amounts of “energy use” that are okay and those that will be financially frowned upon)

So, for example, if you are British doctor John Campbell,and  you’re exposing important info about COVID19, smashing the pablum narratives of politicians pushing the jabs, and have already built up a sizeable audience because people have been able to find your vids and assess for themselves how well you handle stats, theories, and evidence. And, of course, that means you haven’t needed YouTube’s help. You did it on your own, and the audience responded.

But, under the new YouTube paradigm, you, as Dr. Campbell, not only will not get the algorithmic YouTube “promotion” that WHO-parroting doctors get for their videos, you will be pushed DOWN in their system.

Now, let’s return to being viewers, rather than "creators" such as Dr. C.

It seems that the YouTube elites think that we, my friends, are just too stupid to research, assess, and choose for ourselves.

Says “Global Head of YouTube Health,” Dr. Garth Graham:

“Today, we’re announcing that for the first time, certain categories of healthcare professionals and health information providers can apply to make their channels eligible for our health product features that were launched in the US last year. This includes health source information panels that help viewers identify videos from authoritative sources and health content shelves that highlight videos from these sources when you search for health topics, so people can more easily navigate and evaluate health information online.”

It's a triple-bluff by YouTube, in fact.

Not only is the Google-Alphabet propaganda machine solely going to let “licensed doctors” into its “cool kids’ club,” these “licensed” people (licensing is kind of like mafioso giving local store owners permission to open their doors – IF they do what the mob wants) have to run channels “in good standing” (meaning, we’re back to YouTube’s vexing and seemingly arbitrary censorship and “red flag” system to tell docs if they’re “good” little pets) and the docs MUST make their information conform to WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION “Best Practices” - i.e. WHO policy and hegemony.

“Applicants must have proof of their license, follow best practices for health information sharing as set out by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies, the National Academy of Medicine and the World Health Organization, and have a channel in good standing on YouTube.”

Yes. The World Health Organization, the same UN-offshoot bureaucracy that STILL is caught up in a massive sexual abuse scandal stemming from malfeasance in Africa, circa 2020.

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The same WHO headed by infamous former Ethiopian politician Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who has yet to answer for scandals in that nation during his reign with the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) as Ethiopia’s Minister of Health from 2005-2012 and Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2012-2016. 

As Meskerm Desta writes for digital news group Addis Zeybe (and, by the way, the scandal I liberally quote here is just ONE of the dark clouds hovering over Ghebreyesus’s past):

“One of the more well-known scandals Dr. Tedros faced is related to the alleged cover-up of potential cholera outbreaks on three separate occasions in 2006, 2009, and 2011. Cholera is a water-borne bacterial disease that can lead to death if left untreated. During these periods, the Minister of Health Dr. Tedros Adhanom resisted calling these clusters of illnesses a cholera outbreak despite ignoring the pressure from the international community to do so. The Ethiopian government was strictly referring to these occurrences as  ‘acute watery diarrhea’ (AWD) while also pressuring local health workers ‘not to refer to cholera outbreaks as such’, Human Right Watch’s researcher Felix Horne reported. In 2007, the UN and other humanitarian organizations reported that lab results did in fact indicate patients were infected with cholera. Moreover, research conducted in 2006 found cases of cholera in Guji, Bale, and East Shewa zones of Oromia. Government officials maintained their position against announcing this outbreak as cholera but did not provide evidence or test results to corroborate. An estimated 60,000 people were infected and more than 680 died from the outbreak in 2006 alone.”

This is the same WHO and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus that/who have massaged the definition of “pandemic” – possibly for political purposes, to lever the scary-sounding word and apply it to viral outbreaks that, in years past, would not have merited the use of the term, because they were not deadly enough to reach that threshold.

This is the same WHO that, according to Taiwanese government statements, blindly followed false Communist Chinese info about the COVID-19 virus.

And this is the same WHO that then-President Donald Trump in April of 2020 DEFUNDED, but which Joe Biden has, again, begun pilfering our pockets to pay.

So what we have is a Google company (the founders of Google got federal grants to start them off -- that aid based on the prospects that the government could lever the “private” sector to help surveil people -- and the corporation has worked closely with the feds ever since) a Google co that already has censored valid medical information (many of our MRCTV videos were hit, simply because we discussed EARLY in 2020 that much of the WHO and federal gub-ment COVID “info” was mistaken – which it WAS). We have a Google video platform that already promotes dinosaur “news” sources like CNN that almost uniformly followed the mistaken WHO and US government narratives about COVID death stats and jab efficacy, and we have a platform that has inspired so many honest dealers to become frustrated, they've moved to platforms like Rumble, Odysee, and Bitchute, where they generally are NOT censored.

And now, in true “ESG” style, YouTube wants to give “treats” to the medical pets who bark and dance according to it and the abysmal WHO.

Even IF the WHO were magically found to be 100 percent right, that would not matter. What matters is that we are forced to pay for it, and now, YouTube partially is using that tax-subsidized bureaucracy to determin “truth” on its video platform.

So, just as the government doesn’t allow us to decide how to spend our own danged money, YouTube is using one of the recipients of that tax cash to restrict speech and choice on its long-tarnished platform.

It might be difficult to find a more useless and insulting, faux "communications" paradigm than that.

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