YouTube Deletes ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Rap From Platform, Cites ‘Medical Misinformation’

Gabriel Hays | October 25, 2021
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The “Let’s Go Brandon” (F**k Joe Biden) chant may be all the rage with college football crowds and concertgoers but YouTube employees can’t stand it.

The big tech company deleted conservative Hip Hop artist Bryson Gray’s newest song “Let’s Go Brandon” from its platform over the weekend, citing the fact that the anti-Biden rap song was pushing “medical misinformation.”

Thank you YouTube for keeping us safe. Americans have been known to take each and every lyric of a rap song and turn it into real world action. 

Gray, the conservative rapper who has produced songs with a political bent -- like “Trump is Your President,” and “Gun Totin’ patriot” -- alerted his Twitter followers to the ban on October 21.

The rapper tweeted a screenshot of YouTube’s strike against him. 

The notification from the tech giant informed the artist that his “channel now has 1 active strike” because of the video. YouTube mentioned that the strike keeps Gray from being “able to do things like upload, post, or live stream for 1 week.” 

Gray also received a warning that if he got a second strike, he’d be blocked from posting for two weeks, and that if he got three strikes in 90 days, his channel would be “permanently removed from YouTube.” 

So what warranted the response from the platform. Well in YouTube’s word’s Gray’s song contradicted “expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization.” Yep, you cannot violate that even with an over-the-top rap song.

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Oh but Notorious B.I.G., Tupac and Eminem get to keep their iconic gangbanging lines on the platform, don’t they?

Gray’s song does feature a couple lyrics that are skeptical of what the government has told us about COVID-19. One line states, “Pandemic ain’t real, they just planned it.” And yes, maybe that’s incorrect, but c’mon, does the artist not get to entertain some freedom of expression?

And Gray also raps, “Biden said the jab stop the spread, it was lies.” Though hey, the jab hasn’t stopped the spread altogether, has it?

It’s almost as if Snopes is the fact checker here, arguing semantics like, “well this is partially false, Joe isn’t lying, he’s just a senile dumbass who isn’t aware of what’s going on. There’s a difference.”

Several hours after his initial concerned post, Gray confirmed that YouTube deleted his video from the platform altogether: “Update: The music video was just banned. @YouTube this is crazy.”

YouTube actually responded to Gray’s tweet, insisting that his “video was correctly removed for violating our medical misinformation policy.”

1/2 Heard back – after careful re-review, our policy team confirmed that your video was correctly removed for violating our medical misinformation policy. If you hope to discuss similar topics in your content in the future, you’ll...

A defiant Gray spat back at YouTube the following weekend. On October 23, he posted a message to his Instagram page, saying, “I want to thank YouTube for banning my ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song. All y’all did was piss a bunch of people off and made more people go listen to it. Let’s Go YouTube. Commies.”