YouTube Covers For Liberal Death Threats Made Against Palin By Removing Death Threat Video

Joe Schoffstall | June 3, 2011
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In the wake of the Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shooting tragedy in Arizona, many liberals took to Twitter to make death threats against Sarah Palin. This happened because of political opportunism from the left. People all over the internet, particularly liberal websites, jumped all over the tragedy to blame 'rhetoric', specifically from Sarah Palin, as being behind the motives of the shooter. Of course, this couldn't have been further from the truth.

One individual monitored the threats being made to Sarah Palin over Twitter. After they gathered plenty, they put together a compilation video and posted it to YouTube. It was immediately taken down.

Thankfully we at MRC TV grabbed the video before this occurred and posted it. The beauty about MRC TV is no one can ever make us remove a video just because a couple of people don't agree with it- that is why we exist.

While YouTube covered for liberals in this particular circumstance, other Conservatives have had videos removed as well. Thankfully, we have now gained the trust of those individuals who upload using our video platform, knowing that their video can never be pulled because of pressure.


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