YouTube's Filtering Out Vegas Shooting Stories That Aren't 'Mainstream'


Apparently, YouTube thinks they know what is best for you to watch based on their Google-like God complex.

USA Today reported that video-sharing monopolistic giant YouTube has changed its algorithm to filter out what they don’t deem to be "mainstream" news outlets when people search for videos concerning the Las Vegas mass shooting that occurred late Sunday evening.

USA Today, who seems to side with YouTube in this situation, reported:

YouTube confirmed the changes Thursday. It didn't say how it decides which news sources are authoritative.

In the days after the mass shooting, videos abounded on YouTube, some questioning whether the shooting occurred and others claiming law enforcement officials had deceived the public about what really happened.

Of course YouTube “didn’t say which news sources are authoritative.” If they did, it might expose a little bias that most of us, who don’t just take everything liberals say as gospel, have experienced when it comes to both media and social media.

But opinion videos, which many people flock to YouTube to watch, are being squashed in favor of big media organizations videos. Essentially, listen to the state, because your opinion isn’t wanted here.

USA Today also reported on a YouTube channel that has basically been censored in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting:

Jake Morphonios, who runs the End Times News Report, championed the theory of a second shooter on the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay casino. He says he presented a "fact-based analysis of the evidence" and insists "there is nothing offensive in my videos." But Morphonios says he received a strike from YouTube for violating its community standards. YouTube takes down accounts that get three strikes in three months. 

As a result, Morphonios told YouTube viewers he deleted all of the Las Vegas videos.

"I hated to do it, but if I get any more strikes, my entire channel is going to be deleted," he said in a video explaining the decision.

While we may not agree with a certain point of view, rational people understand other’s right to voice their opinion, no matter how much we might disagree and as long as it's within the law. That’s the beauty of freedom of speech. It isn’t there to protect popular speech, but quite the contrary.

Search results shouldn't be based on what someone at YouTube wants you to see, but rather on the popularity of the video.

YouTube, as a business, of course has the right to decide what to do with their business. But, when YouTube promotes itself as a platform for people to share their opinions through video, it’s kind of hypocritical to censor some opinions based on what they deem people should watch.

Let the people decide.

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