Young Turks' Cenk Uygur: 'Right-Wing' Loves Putin Because 'He's a WHITE Authoritarian Leader'

Nick Kangadis | February 25, 2022
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Can you really take someone who named their media outlet after a group that committed genocide seriously? Or, do you take someone’s words that would do that as nothing more than propaganda or pure zealotry?

The Young Turks co-founder and resident talking head Cenk Uygur, who in 2020 ran a failed U.S. congressional campaign in which he only garnered 6.6 percent of the vote, sent out one of the most ignorant tweets you’ll ever see.

“Right-wing doesn't love Putin just because he is an authoritarian, tyrannical leader, they love him because he's a WHITE authoritarian leader,” Uygur tweeted on Thursday. “Race has become more important than even nationality. They've turned on democracy and now even America, in favor of a white warlord.”

Take a look (Note: Posting a screenshot, just in case Uygur decides to delete this tweet. To go directly to the tweet, click the link in the above quote.):

Racist says what?

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The Russia-Ukrainian conflict is complex enough without inserting race into it, and it makes absolutely no sense.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is white. President Joe Biden is also white. So what exactly is Uygur’s point?

To his point, why has “Race…become more important than even nationality?” Well, that’s how Uygur thinks, and he’s the one who inserted race into the topic. So by that logic, wouldn’t one think that Uygur is actually the one who considers race to be “more important than even nationality?”

To be fair, it’s Cenk Uygur. Expecting him to make much sense of pretty much any situation is asking a lot. No, I mean A LOT.

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