Young Man Gets Eight Years in Jail for 2017 Facebook Live Torture of Disabled Teen

Nick Kangadis | July 6, 2018

Justice has been served. But whether people are happy about the level of justice 20-year-old Jordan Hill received on Thursday is up for debate.

You might remember Hill - who was 18 years old at the time - from his notorious viral video debut when he and three other black people kidnapped, beat and verbally harassed a mentally disabled teenager in January 2017. Because no one wants to relive the horror that was seen in that video, I won’t be posting it here.

Hill, a Carpentersville, Ill. resident,was given what he deserved Thursday in a Cook County courtroom. The young criminal received and eight-year prison sentence after “pleading guilty to a hate crime,” as well as a guilty plea for aggravated kidnapping, according to Fox 32 - Chicago.

The four people — including Hill — that were involved in the heinous act of basically torturing a disabled kid “taunted the bound-and-gagged teen with profanities against white people."

There’s so many instances of fake racism that actual racism against people of any color takes a backseat in the media’s agenda to divide America. Score one for the justice system calling out and punishing those guilty of actual racism.