Young America's Foundation Files Federal Free Speech Suit Against UC-Berkeley

Nick Kangadis | April 27, 2017
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We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Under the radar of all the stories resulting from the actions surrounding conservative speakers at the University of California-Berkeley (UCB), the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) filed a lawsuit against the university in federal court Monday.

On Wednesday, free speech took a huge hit when conservative author/commentator Ann Coulter cancelled her speaking engagement at UCB after YAF unfortunately had to pull out because of safety concerns on campus.

The lawsuit claims that UCB unconstitutionally suppressed free speech on campus.

According to the lawsuit:

Plaintiffs Young America’s Foundation (“YAF”) and Berkeley College Republicans (“BCR”) (collectively, “Plaintiffs”), bring this action against University of California, Berkeley (“UC Berkeley” or the “University”) officials Janet Napolitano, Nicholas B. Dirks, Stephen C. Sutton, and Joseph D. Greenwell, and University of California Police Department (“UCPD”) officials Margo Bennett, Alex Yao, and Leroy M. Harris (collectively, “Defendants”), for declaratory and injunctive relief following Defendants’ discriminatory application of a policy to restrict conservative speech on the UC Berkeley campus, in violation YAF and BCR’s constitutional rights to free speech, due process, and equal protection under the law.

You would think someone like Janet Napolitano would understand the concerns of people attempting to exercise their right to free speech. But then again, she was the former United States Secretary of Homeland Security under former president Barack Obama, and as we all know, free speech wasn’t exactly top of the list for the Obama administration unless you agreed with their side of the story. So there’s that.

With groups like Black Lives Matter and the ulta-fascist Antifa suppressing free speech on college campuses, particularly UCB, on what it seems like a daily basis, it should come as no surprise that finally someone is standing up to these public agitators.

YAF wrote on its website:

The University cites, as its reason for canceling the lecture, its “high-profile speakers” policy. In recent weeks, administrators have used this unwritten policy to cancel events featuring two conservative speakers for YAF—Ms. Coulter and David Horowitz.  During the same time period, administrators permitted events featuring leftists Vicente Fox Quesada, former President of Mexico, and Maria Echaveste, former advisor and White House Deputy Chief of Staff to President Clinton, to proceed without interference.

This discrepancy is alarming.

Alarming indeed.

The double standard the radical liberals, like those who cause chaos on campuses and civil unrest in communities across the globe for the own fascist benefit, has gotten out of hand.

At least now we’re seeing people take on these pathological hypocrites in an attempt to expose their hateful ideologies.