'You Willingly Shared This?' Biden's Vax Stunt With the Jonas Brothers Is Embarrassingly Awful

Brittany M. Hughes | December 21, 2021
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The Biden administration just can’t seem to get the hang of social media.

Or talking to people.

Or being anything less than super-cringey in their PSAs.

Their latest (total failure of an) attempt at trying to reach the 35 and younger crowd with a pro-vax message comes courtesy of the Jonas Brothers, a pop group comprised of a trio of brothers, who helped President Joe Biden film a 30-second TikTok video encouraging people to get The Jab.

And from the terrible lip-sync to the unintelligible message and the forced cameo by the septuagenarian president, it’s…bad.

The video is a take on a viral TikTok trend featuring a (now formerly) homeless man from Coney Island named TJ, who scored recent fame after appearing in several social media clips in which he yells about President "Byron" before busting out a breakdance....of sorts.

A trend which, at least according to the Biden administration, made the perfect backdrop for a pro-vax message.

You know something’s awful when it’s posted to Twitter by a famous pop star who boasts more than 14 million followers, and it gets a whole 20k “likes” and fewer than 3,000 shares. And the internet agreed.

Then again, this is the same White House that brought you this monstrosity back in August, so what can you really expect?


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