You Voted for It, You Got It: Black Chicagoans Ignorantly Complain About $51 Mil. in Funding for Illegals

Nick Kangadis | June 2, 2023
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You know, I really want to feel bad for the residents of the city of Chicago — my hometown — but I just can’t muster up enough “give a damn” to end up feeling that way. The people of Chicago were tired of the crime under previous Mayor Lori Lightfoot, so what did they do? They almost impossibly elected someone further to the left than her, Brandon Johnson.

So when Chicagoans claim they’re “sick and tired” about the influx of illegal immigrants taking funding away from actual Chicago residents, it’s kind of difficult to commiserate with them after they basically asked for what they’re getting following the latest election.

Before the Chicago city council voted for and approved $51 million of funding for migrants, black Chicagoans confronted the council with their displeasure of the money going towards people they might finally be realizing don’t legally belong in the country, let alone Chicago.

Caroline Ruff, Black Lives Matter Women of Faith founder, said the following during Wednesday’s meeting, according to Daily Caller:

I understand that $51 million are gonna be voted on today and I encourage the alderman to please vote it down because number one, we have not opened up the schools for our homeless, we see them in the streets everyday, I make sure that the homeless are fed with clothing. We need to take care of our community, we need to take care of our black community, we need to open up these schools for mental health.

Yes, the funding should go to Chicagoans who might need those services, but that’s not what you voted for.

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“How dare this mayor and city council have the guts to give migrants $51 million,” Andre Smith, CEO of Chicago Against Violence, said. “I demand you to have the same passion and urgency to pass the City of Chicago Reparations Ordinance and also give us a office for black Americans, just like the new Americans.”

See? This is the problem. These activists complaining don’t recognize a problem, but have no clue as to what to do about them. So, on top of giving illegal immigrants tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, activists think it’s okay as long as they get their piece of the entitlement pie, which ironically, they’re not entitled to — it’s more of a handout, really.

In order to be “entitled” to something, you have to have done something to warrant being entitled to it. But, don’t expect activists to understand logic, reason, common sense or even nuance.

Complain away, folks. You earned it. Just don’t expect a solution any time soon.

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