Yale Republicans BBQ Near Hunger-Striking Grad Teachers

ashley.rae | May 1, 2017
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The Yale College Republicans trolled the Yale students holding a hunger strike by hosting a barbecue near their fasting location.

Supporters of Local 33, a union dedicated to trying to organize graduate student teachers, have been holding a hunger strike over Yale’s refusal to negotiate a contract with the union. The Yale Daily News reports that in response to the hunger strike, the College Republicans held a barbecue in a tent erected near the strikers on Friday.

The New Haven Register reports the College Republicans feasted on baked beans, corn, and beef.

Aaron Greenberg, the chairman of Local 33, a city alder, and a graduate student and teacher in political science, told the Yale Daily News, “We weren’t focused on it.”

“We’re really focused on making sure we’re drinking enough water and getting enough rest. We’re focused on getting the University’s attention,” he continued.

In a statement on the Yale News website, Yale wrote, “On Tuesday of this week, eight graduate students affiliated with Local 33 announced that they would engage in a fast. The university believes this action is unwarranted by the circumstances. Yale cannot compel anyone to refrain from this activity, but strongly urges that students not put their health at risk or encourage others to do so.”

In addition to holding a hunger strike the Local 33 protesters have allegedly also blocked access to a building where an admitted students event was being held.

The National Labor Relations Board is currently reviewing the Yale union.

The College Republicans’ barbecue comes after the National Union party in Israel held a barbecue near hunger-striking Palestinian terrorists.

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