Yale Quietly Hides Vid Pushing Toddlers' 'Gender Choice' After Being Called Out Online

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 22, 2022
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Even as online overlords try to stop the signals of freedom and common sense, principled people find ways to propagate important information, and this is a classic example.

If you paid attention to the offensive manner in which Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau treated truckers who last winter protested lockdowns, travel barriers, jab mandates, and the invasions of privacy that Trudeau and his leftist government imposed, then you likely heard about or saw Canadian attorney and YouTuber Viva Frei (real name David Freiheit) livestream to show folks what was really happening, and to discuss the outrageous infringements of Natural Law in which Trudeau was engaged.

And if you visit Twitter, you likely have seen how efficiently “Libs of Tik Tok” exposes leftists, merely by posting their TikTok clips for conservatives and libertarians to dissect.

Well, if you caught Viva Frei’s August 19 livestream, or followed him August 18 on Twitter, you likely saw him discuss how he was alerted to something by Libs of TikTok – the fact that ol’ Ivy League legend Yale University had for years kept a video posted in which its “Pediatric Gender Program Director” Christy Olezeski (PhD) heralded the wonderfulness of working with “gender-expansive individuals, 3 to 25…”

Cue the sound of the record needle sliding across the vinyl.

Yep. You got that right.

According to Frei, who discussed the matter at 1 hour and 23 minutes into his August 19 stream:

“I saw it on Libs of TikTok, and I thought it was parody…”


Frei had to see for himself, so he went to the Yale Medicine YouTube channel, and screen-shot the video as he played it, juuuuuust in case Yale decided to “memory-hole” it.

Because, ya know, we gotta “trust the science.”

He played the video in his livestream -- complete with the YouTube framing, showing that it was the official Yale Medicine channel -- and what’s in it truly is stunning, and indicative of how broken is the tie between woke collectivism and reality.

The two-year-old video features strange, “TV Kid’s Show” style music, and shows “clinical psychologist” Olezeski in complete Soma Mode, beaming like a supernova, as she says:

“I am the Director of the Yale Gender Program (she truncates the real name, leaving out ‘Pediatric’), which is an interdisciplinary program working with gender-expansive individuals, 3 to 25, and their families.”

So, let’s pause to consider a few facts.

First, gender is not “expansive.” It’s locked-in, biologically, based on chromosomes. For nearly 100 percent of the population, gender is determined as either male or female, and it’s not going to change, or warp, or flux, or “expand.” One would think that Yale, one of the most “prestigious” schools in the world, would have staff members who understand the basics of human biology.

And if anyone wants to question that, simply do the “Emergency Room” test.

Ask yourself what you need to do when you call from an ambulance to an ER, or work in an ER and receive emergency calls. You need specific knowledge of the number of victims, the age, weight, and sex of the patient. You don’t pretend. You don’t play-act. You don’t accept “they” when it’s one patient, because you have to prepare resources to save a life.

Second, a professional adult working in any field, especially psychology, should know that toddlers – heck, kids up to their teen years – oft imagine themselves as all sorts of things, and to facilitate that fantasy as real is dangerous.


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One doesn’t give a cape to a child and tell him he can fly or stop an oncoming car like Superman, and handing the child a costume doesn’t change the reality that he is just a kid in a costume.

Likewise, entertaining or encouraging a TODDLER’S fantasy of being of the opposite sex is to perpetuate a delusion. Even claiming to others of that age that a child can “be a girl” when he really is a boy, or vice-versa, is to do harm to the ability of those children to discern biological reality from fantasy.

A man who has had “gender reassignment surgery” is still a man – in a costume from which there will never be an escape. A woman who undergoes physically devastating surgery and meds to make it easier for her to imagine she is male? She’s still a woman, and always will be.

And I am well acquainted with two people who have tried to “transition.” Both male. One recently died, and the other has come close to committing suicide. And I consider it child abuse for an adult to call a toddler or any other child “gender-expansive” and to “advise” the child on “medical interventions.”

But, evidently, Olezeski doesn’t see the difference between pretend and getting ahold of real life, for she continues:

“We help people who are questioning their gender identity, or who identify as transgender or non-binary. We help them with their gender journey, um, thinking through that, thinking through the risks and the benefits of medical intervention, um, starting medical intervention, and also building supports around them. I love what I do, so it’s really, really wonderful to be working in this field and to be working with individuals who are gender-diverse and giving them support and helping them on their gender journey.”

Yep. “Medical intervention.”

For a child.

That’s not intervention. It's abuse, assault, and ghoulish psychopathy, all exhibited by the so-called “doctor.”

The very fact that she states the term “gender-diverse” indicates that she doesn’t have a firm grasp on reality.

People can pretend and “identify” all they want, but for the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of all humans, there are two genders, and while observing that fact might get one’s video banned on YouTube, or require some kind of “bleep” to cover the obvious, it IS obvious, and it is damaging to a child to pretend that human biology is otherwise.

People may be sexually attracted to those of the same sex, but they cannot be “gender-diverse.”

Curiously, despite being “fake news” and full of preposterous pseudoscience, YouTube has not censored this video.

Yale has.

Within hours of Libs of TikTok and Viva Frei exposing it and Dr. Olezeski, someone posted in Frei’s Twitter feed that Yale had made the video “private.”

And, sure enough, they had.

But, why? Why, if people should be so happy and proud about working with TODDLERS to redirect their physical, God-given forms, and start them on the “journey” to “medical intervention” – why not promote that fact with “pride”?

We’ll leave that question as “to be answered…”

But, likely, Yale won’t offer a very good reason for attempting to make disappear the evidence of this troubling program that they had posted on YouTube for two years.

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