Yale Law School Professors Cancel Classes So Students Can Protest Kavanaugh Nomination

Ferlon Webster Jr. | September 24, 2018
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Dressed in black, dozens of Yale Law School (YLS) students staged a sit-in on Monday to protest the nomination of Brett Kavanuagh, a YLS alumnus.                                                                                                                                                             

Emails obtained by Campus Reform show that "as many as 20 Yale Law School faculty members canceled or rescheduled up to 31 classes on Monday because of the Kavanaugh hearing," the website reports. 

Instead of teaching, these instructors decided to bend to the whim of the students and let them lead the way -- out of the classroom.

According to Fox News, YLS Dean Heather K. Gerken stated she could not take a position on the nominee, "but I am so proud of the work our community is doing to engage with these issues, and I stand with them in supporting the importance of fair process, the rule of law, and the integrity of the legal system.”

While many did agree with the protests, Emily Hall, a Yale Law School Student interviewed by Campus Reform, voiced her dissent:

“While I respect the right of the students protesting to make their voices heard, I disagree with professors’ decisions to cancel classes at the request of those protesters,” said Hall. “It effectively encourages students to participate in the protests and penalizes those who choose not to by disrupting the class schedule.”

This is another case of pleasing the minority while punishing the majority. These students definitely have the right to protest but what about the students who had no desire to do so? Should they have to reschedule their lives because of the decisions of a few?

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