Xi Jinping First Chinese Dictator Since Mao to Hold 3rd Term, Chooses 'Loyalists' for Leadership Over 'Expertise and Experience'

Nick Kangadis | October 24, 2022
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While everyone is distracted with whatever’s actually going on in Ukraine, along with the evils of Russia, a true giant is fortifying its communist dictatorship, and the U.S. federal government needs to pay close attention instead of kowtowing to the biggest enemy the world at large faces — China.

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, after claiming a “historic” third term in power, has chosen the leadership in the country’s Politburo Standing Committee, picking “loyalists” rather than candidates with “expertise and experience,” according to the British state-run outlet BBC.

As reported by the BBC:

More than 2,300 delegates elected various leadership groups and gave Mr Xi a new mandate over the party, in a break from decades-long tradition.

No other party leader besides CCP founder Mao Zedong has ever served a third term.

And we all know how well having Mao as China’s dictator ended up for tens of millions of people.

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The BBC noted that Russian leader Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un provided their congratulations to their fellow world destroyer.

Essentially, like most leftist government entities, you can be completely full of crap and still move up the political ladder as long as you’re willing to live on your knees and say yes or no when instructed.

Most politicians don’t deserve any respect at all, but communist dictators like Xi should be publicly humiliated, laughed at and scorned for the human atrocities they’ve committed against their own people.

Congrats on “winning” another term as Chinese dictator, “Winnie the Pooh.”


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