Wyoming Rep. Calls For Gun Violence To 'Protect Trans Folks'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 2, 2023
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It seems leftists have absolutely no problem with gun violence - so long as the targets are evil conservatives who want to ban doctors from chemically castrating and physically mutilating underage children.

A few days after the now-former press secretary for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs resigned her position after tweeting a gif of a woman brandishing two pistols with a caption targeting "transphobes," the Democrat Minority Whip in the Wyoming House of Representatives followed suit - this time with a more overt threat.

Rep. Karlee Provenza, described in her Twitter profile as an "[e]xpert on police misconduct, trial consultant, professional rabble rouser against injustice, & former PI," posted a meme on social media depicting an elderly woman aiming one of those dirty rotten "assault rifles" with the words, "Auntie Fa says protect trans folks against racists and bigots!" 

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"Auntie Fa" being a reference to the infamous "Antifa," a rabid leftist group known for burning down police precincts, destroying public property, and assaulting people in the streets.

It seems Provenza here believes the best way to "protect" gender-confused people is to gun down anyone who doesn't affirm their mental delusions or support cutting healthy body parts off of teens - you know, kind of like an angry woman did last Monday when she - thinking she was a he - shot up a Christian elementary school in Nashville and murdered three 9-year-olds and three faculty members.