WTF, Groomers?! Adults Cheer On 13-Year-Old Drag Queen

Nick Kangadis | March 24, 2023
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You know what, folks? The gloves are off. All this BS about how you have to worship at the feet of trans people and drag queens is done. Pretend like that kind of talk doesn’t exist and call out these perverts for what they really are…groomers.

FYI, I’m not really concerned if you disagree with me. You’re probably a groomer, too.

In the latest show of degeneracy, the anti-groomer Twitter account Libs of TikTok posted a video of a 13-year-old “drag queen” performing in front of applauding adults, while wearing some kind of vinyl or leather outfit.

I only watched it all the way through once, and I felt gross even watching it that one time. Some black dude that has more rolls than a bakery stopped the CHILD at one point and told them to give the crowd a “runway” walk.

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Sick bastard.

Part of my job is to provide you the evidence to what I’m writing about. So, if you care to see the depravity for yourself, watch below:

Sorry, freaks. From this moment on, you will be given no quarter — at least from me.


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