Dirtbag Writer Gay Telese to Spacey Victims: 'Suck It Up'


It doesn’t matter whether you’re conservative or liberal, being a completely ignorant pile of monkey flop knows no ideological boundaries.

Famed writer Gay Talese--or so I’m told he’s “famed”--spoke with a writer from Vanity Fair while at the New York Public Library’s annual Library Lions Gala, and he had a lot to say about disgraced actor Kevin Spacey.

“I would like to talk about Kevin Spacey,” Tales told Vanity Fair.

At this early point in the conversation, any normal person would have been asking themselves, ‘Uh oh. Where’s this going to go?’

Get ready for what Talese said next.

According to Vanity Fair:

“I feel so sad, and I hate that actor that ruined this guy’s career,” continued Talese, who possibly had not kept up with the growing scope of the accusations online. “So, O.K., it happened 10 years ago . . . Jesus, suck it up once in a while!”

Talese, visibly agitated, pressed on: “I would like to ask [Spacey] how it feels to lose a lifetime of success and hard work all because of 10 minutes of indiscretion 10 years or more ago.”

Gesturing to the roomful of media titans sipping champagne around him, he added, “You know something, all of us in this room at one time or another did something we’re ashamed of. The Dalai Lama has done something he’s ashamed of. The Dalai Lama should confess . . . put that in your magazine!”

This dude actually said that women who have been sexually assaulted or legitimately harassed in the past should just “suck it up.”

Wow! I would call this abnormal behavior by someone of Talese’s stature, or anybody else for that matter, but Vanity Fair seriously downplayed Talese’s comments. They even used a picture of Talese of him wearing a medal.

The lack of warranted outrage by Vanity Fair towards Talese’s comments can first be understood by looking at the title of the article, “Gay Tales Would Like to Profile Kevin Spacey.”

Seriously? That’s it? Not exactly.

Vanity Fair also completely neglected Talese’s comments by moving on to another topic on the Library Lions Gala immediately after reporting what he said.

No condemnation. Nothing. Move on. Nothing to see here!

I don’t care who Talese is or what he’s done in his career. To be that completely heartless towards the victims of a sexual abuser says all I need to know about Talese.

Enjoy your medal, scumbag.

H/T: Daily Wire

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