THE WORST: Pro Abortion Ad Features Cute, Laughing Baby

Eric Scheiner | November 12, 2018
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An advertisement promoting Planned Parenthood is either pure evil or the worst messaging effort for the pro-baby killing movement ever made.

The Agenda Project (of the Paul Ryan pushing granny over the cliff ad fame) has decided to showcase a cute laughing baby girl with lullaby music playing and then makes the argument for killing her so you can stand with Planned Parenthood.

Really, I’m not joking.

The ad is titled “The Chosen” and features a baby girl laughing while text flashes claiming, “She deserves to be loved,” followed by, “She deserves to be wanted,” and later, “She deserves to be a choice.”

Then it tells you to stand with Planned Parenthood. So, you can kill the baby if you don't want it - and stand by the butchers. 

It has to be seen to be believed. Check it out above.

Nothing like showcasing a beautiful baby girl and then making the statement that it’s okay to kill her.

A disgusting ad made to represent a more disgusting organization.