World Multitudes Defy Politicians, Rally For Freedom From Lockdowns

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 22, 2021
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They are not becoming complacent, not adopting normalcy bias, not bending a knee, and not backing down. They are the millions of brave souls who defied government prohibitions and commands, and rallied in cities, worldwide, in favor of their rights to exercise free will and engage in voluntary interaction.

From the Netherlands, to Germany, to the United Kingdomto Canada, to Austria, to Sweden, to Australia and many other nations, Saturday, March 20 was the momentous day when free people worldwide defied lockdowns, mask mandates and silly six-foot, anti-social distancing commands (which thuggish officials routinely break when arresting people who just want to be left alone) to march and sing and smile and laugh in the face of tyranny. 

Intrepid former BBC and ITV reporter, now head of BreesMedia, Anna Brees has been to numerous freedom rallies in England, and, despite those being remarkable, she took to Twitter numerous times Saturday to remark about the remarkable size and scope of the crowd and their awareness of the injustice being perpetrated by the UK, international politicians, and police who side with the state rather than with the natural rights of man.

At 10:43, EDT, US, Brees posted video of the London event, commenting:

This is by far the BIGGEST UK protest I have seen. They will not be able to police these crowds. #RightToProtest#londonprotest#lockdown2021




At 11:43, EDT, Ms. Brees stressed the size of the gathering, and acknowledged what many attendees of previous London lockdown protests had claimed, that the UK pop media had downplayed the size and significance of previous rallies, and she wrote:

If @LBC@SkyNews are saying hundreds this is not true…

Indeed, there was no denying the sheer size of the crowds in her videos, which clearly showed packed streets and sidewalks as far as the lens could see – a gathering so large anyone familiar with large crowds would be able to tell it numbered over 100,000 and might have run closer to 200,000 – in London, along.


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Courageous Post Millennial reporter, American Andy Ngo, Tweeted dramatic and enlightening video at 10:48 EDT, showing thousands of maskless rally goers packing a London street, flowing past the camera as if water in an urgent flood, with many holding one of numerous enormous banners seen among the crowd, and he quoted the words of the banner, writing:



'Stop destroying our kids’ lives' Huge crowd shuts down traffic in central #London at anti-lockdown protest. The UK has been in strict lock down since December.

Indeed, it has, contrary to the most fundamental human rights of free will and free association – all to supposedly “flatten the curve” (that previous lockdowns didn’t flatten).

As it has been in virtually every other nation, and in many states within the US, the UK government pulled a trick from the 1918 Soviet Executive Committee playbook and issued edicts saying certain commercial activities were “essential” and others “non-essential.” The government-run UK National Health System (NHS) canceled or postponed hundreds of thousands of elective procedures and check-ups including cancer screens, heart health check-ups, and many more. They shut down public and private schools, despite the fact that numerousinternational sources acknowledge the extremely low risk of infection posed to, or from, children (infection of a pathogen with an already high survivability rate), and, as in many US states, they issued antisocial distancing mandates.

None of it showed any positive bearing on containing the so-called “pandemic."

Arrests, snooping, fines, police-committed assault, unemployment… and all of this abject, utter, loathsome tyranny while politicians like Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the UK, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, US President Joe Biden and his perennial pal Dr. Anthony Fauci, Scotland's chief medical officer, Dr. Catherine Calderwood, leftist climate fear monger John Kerry, US Senator Tom Carper (D-DEL), class-act House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Maine Governor Janet Mills, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo (D), CA Governor Gavin Newsom (D), Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA), and many, many more have flouted their own edicts and cultish mantra about believing their politicized version of “the science,” then have gone maskless, hung out in big crowds, and traveled all over the place – while the lowly serfs across the globe are trapped by their globalist overlords and see their lives and livelihoods crushed.

Heck, even Neil Ferguson -- the high-profile UK doc whose flawed COVID19 spread estimates and personal recommendations prompted Boris Johnson to issue his lockdown last year – even HE was caught flouting his own pronouncements when it was discovered that he’d been breaking “lockdown” and seeing the married woman with whom he’d been having an affair.

Citizens of the UK and other nations are not just angry, they are righteously angry, backed by natural rights, ethics, the scientific method, investigative journalism, and the inheritance of freedom they received from their ancestors.

From the Netherlands, where thousands defied government water cannons to join one another in peace, to Germany, where demonstrators suffered baton strikes and arrests, despite acting peacefully, to Sweden, where police cracked down and hauled peaceful people away, to Austria, where police also cracked down, to Australia, where, people are standing up for their rights and against the governments and corrupt international institutions that have stolen their liberty even as they have stolen their money and the futures of their kids through taxation, government debt, and central bank money-printing.

As Aussie reporter Sam Pye Saturday Tweeted when posting video of the rally in Melbourne:

VIDEO: ‘Free to speak. Free to breathe.’ Pro-democracy protest in #Melbourne#COVID19#Paris#WeWillALLBeThere#London#SCAMDEMIC2021#Kassel#Berlin#MarcheDesLibertes

…And as Twitter user Chatroomchakra said, when observing an elderly British man marching in London:

Anti Lockdown Protest in London right now!

‘Stand up get you freedom back!’ 

‘Burn your mask!’ chants.

It’s good to see the old boys out & fighting!

……As the members of the World Freedom Alliance note, people from all walks of life have had enough, and they will not be cowed.

From musicians, like Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, the Reverend Horton Heat, and The Stone Roses’ Ian Brown (whose anti-lockdown song “Little Seed, Big Tree” recently was banned by Spotify), to the people who’ve seen their churches closed, their shops ruined, their loved ones trapped in terrifying nursing homes with no chance of escape, for all, the spirit of liberty is indomitable. It burns within us as a God-given part of our existence.

Old or young, more people are fighting.

And this is just the start.



Via Constitutionally Insulting Executive Order, Biden Mandates Masks On Planes