World Health Organization Releases Guide About Abortion Care, Doesn’t Mention 'Baby' Once

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | June 12, 2023
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For a manual that deals with the murder of innocent babies, you’d think they’d mention them at least once. 

In all 106 pages of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guide on “quality abortion care,” the word “baby” wasn’t mentioned a single time. That's one of many flaws of WHO’s new handbook titled, “Clinical practice handbook for quality abortion care.”

WHO released the proof of their 2023 guideline today that supposedly aimed to help healthcare workers deliver quality abortion services. It's unclear why they’re so worried about correctly delivering a so-called “service” when said service ends at least one human life. But, welcome to 2023 America, I suppose.

There were many pro-abort issues flooded throughout the handbook.

One of the “key facts” noted about abortion was that “There is no link between safe abortion and any health conditions, such as breast cancer or depression.” Really? Then why are there so many women whose testimonies explain how depressed they were after having an abortion? Or, how about the many women still feeling regret after their abortions years ago?! Clearly that statement from the WHO came from a carefully curated selection of women. 

In the handbook, WHO was also clear to point out that abortions aren't just for women.

“In this document, we recognize that most of the available evidence on abortion can be assumed to be derived from research among study populations of cisgender women, and we also recognize that cisgender women, transgender men, nonbinary, gender-fluid and intersex individuals with a female reproductive system and capable of becoming pregnant may require abortion care,” the handbook noted.

If you have a female reproductive system then you likely have XX chromosomes. And if that’s the case, you’re a woman despite what society has been enabling and encouraging you to believe. 

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The guide also provided a list of types of abortion procedures and which ages of babies they’re best used for. For children 12-weeks and older, the guide recommended medical abortion and the dilation and evacuation procedure that kills a baby and then sucks it out. As noted on the chart for the D&E procedure, “there are no known absolute contraindications.”

Honestly, where did these writers get their “facts”?!

In speaking about the guide, WHO’s Director of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research and Head of the United Nations’ Special Programme for Human Reproduction claimed the guide would help health workers respect “rights” of women and girls to abort. Nobody has a “right” to murder an innocent person. Period. 

There’s a number of other lies, misinformation and disinformation spread throughout the guide, but one thing is obvious - the World Health Organization that’s funded by the federal government has a very clear pro-abort agenda.


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