Wonderful! Irish Girl Surprised With Drive-By Celebrations For 12th Birthday

Nick Kangadis | April 3, 2020
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Being stuck in the house, for the most part, for days and weeks on end is no party for anyone. Kids in particular have so much pent up energy that they need some kind of outlet. Going to the park or going for a walk might be a way to do that, but there really isn't much else outside of their home walls that meets their needs. Birthdays are coming and going, and kids can't even enjoy a party because of social distancing and stay-at-home orders.

That's why this viral video is a wonderful testament to the human spirit.

A girl in Ireland was disappointed that she couldn't have a birthday party with her friends, so her parents arranged a way that would lift her spirits and let her know that people didn't forget about her special day.

Take a look:

Happy birthday, Katie!