Women's Soccer Team Promises To Pay For Employees' Out-Of-State Abortions

John Simmons | March 16, 2023
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Most jobs have some type of benefits package that can include paid time off, a dental plan, or investment options -- standard stuff. But if you’re an employee of the Utah Royals, the newest expansion team in the National Women’s Soccer League (NSWL), a benefit you could receive is having your out-of-state abortion paid for.

The Royals announced that any employee can be reimbursed up to $4,000 in procedure, travel, and lodging costs should they want to kill their child. Royals employees would be forced to go out of state because civilized Utah has heavy restrictions on abortions -- as they should.

"It's something that we look at not only for expansion teams, but for our incumbent teams,” NSWL commissioner Jessica Berman said when asked if all teams would be offered this “right.” “And we have various markets where women's health and medical rights and resources are compromised and limited that it's our responsibility at the league office to the extent permitted by law to provide tools and resources for our players to have their medical needs met.”

Not only will the NSWL continue to put out an unwatchable product (who spends time watching professional women’s soccer?) it's taken the wrong stance on an issue that only has one correct answer to the problem, and it has continued to be as woke as other women’s professional sports leagues.

And people wonder why no one watches women’s sports.

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