Women's Rights Group Claims 'Pay Gap' is Why Women Pay Student Debt Back Slower - Ignores More Female Grads

Ferlon Webster Jr. | July 23, 2019
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Last week, Time’s Up, a women’s rights organization, posted a study from the American Association of University Women which stated women hold the most student loan debt and the gender pay gap was the reason they had a harder time than men in paying it back. But seemed to ignore the fact that women make up the majority of college graduates, and therefore would hold the majority of debt.

“Women hold almost two-thirds of the outstanding student debt in the U.S. — about $929 billion,” the group posted to Twitter. “The gender pay gap is one factor that keeps women from paying off their debt as quickly as men.”

In their study the AAUW briefly mentions the fact that women are the majority of college and university graduates but fails to explain that that is the reason they hold most of the debt. They quickly shifted to claim that student debt is a “women’s issue.”

“It clearly is,” they wrote on the organization’s website.

They go on to say: 

“This report shows that women take on larger student loans than do men. And because of the gender pay gap, they have less disposable income after graduation. This contributes to the fact that women take more time — and face greater difficulty — than men do paying off debt.”

“The pay gap starts as soon as women enter the workforce and widens as time goes on,” the AAUW wrote. “Women college graduates working full-time are paid 18 percent less than their male peers one year after graduation. By four years after graduation, that gap widens to 20 percent. Overall, women with bachelor’s degrees working full-time make 26 percent less than their male peers. Lower pay means less income to devote to debt repayment.”

Nothing in the study mentions how women, oftentimes, choose professions that pay lower wages, or how long people have worked in their profession (to determine a salary increase), how much overtime is worked, if a woman took maternity leave, and how men are more likely to negotiate a higher salary or ask for a pay raise.

As The Daily Wire reports:

“…Nine of the top 10 lowest paying majors are dominated by women, while nine of the top 10 highest paying majors are dominated by men — and women in large cities actually out-earn their male peers just out of college.”

Some folks on Twitter couldn’t help but introduce the organization to a few facts:

H/T: The Daily Wire