Women's March Honors Convicted Cop Killer with Birthday Tweet


Yesterday, Women's March twitter handle gave a birthday shoutout to Assata Shakur:

Who is Assata Shakur, or rather, Joanne Deborah Chesimard? She is not a suffragette, female politician or any kind of woman the "Women's March" should be honoring. The only government list Shakur is on is the FBI's Most Wanted list. No, seriously. 

Shakur was a member of the terrorist organization the Black Liberation Army, and in 1973, she shot and killed State Trooper Werner Foerster. In 1977, she was convicted of first degree murder and armed robbery but soon escaped from prison. She is thought to be living in Cuba.

Why is Women's March honoring this member of a Terrorist organization? Katie Pavlich puts it perfectly: 

Of course, the "Resistance" has been less about the Trump administration and more about promoting a radical left agenda. But a birthday shoutout to a convicted murderer? That's a whole new level! 

Other Twitter users expressed their outrage at the tweet:

Unfortunately, it was not only the Women's March celebrating Shakur's birthday on Twitter. Marc Lamont Hill, a CNN contributor, also joined the celebration. 

I guess violence is OK and even laudable if it supports the "resistance," whatever that is. Maybe, it's time for left-wing organizations like the Women's March to take a hard look at what they are supporting.

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