Woman's Disturbing Death Note To Her Aborted Baby Goes Viral

Brittany M. Hughes | December 13, 2018
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A woman who posted a disturbing death note to her aborted baby has gone viral, garnering messages ranging from utter disgust and shocked sorrow to full-fledged praise and support.

In a Wednesday Facebook post that’s already been shared more than 21,000 times, Skyla Rose Loesch posted her seven-week ultrasound photo along with a short message recognizing her unborn child's humanity and claiming to love him, but explaining she killed him anyway because it just wasn’t a convenient time to have another child.

“Baby, I loved you with all my heart but you just weren't meant to be with us right now. We're going through a lot and you deserved all the love in the world. Your brother and sister would've loved you too. Rest Easy baby love. You'll never be forgotten,” Loesch posted along with the photo and an unsettling post-it note with her child’s date of death.

Skyla Rose Loesch

Since posting the now-viral message, Loesch, who says she already has two children and has had one other abortion, has remained unapologetic (and quite profane) regarding her decision to knowingly murder her own child, posting messages like, “My 21st birthday is in 3 months & since I'm not pregnant anymore that means I CAN FINALLY DRINK ON MY B-DAY.”

"’Hey Skyla next time you get pregnant I'll be happy to adopt your baby’ nah Becky, I don't care if you can't have kids. I'd rather have another abortion than to give my baby to any of you people,” she posted in another.

While many pregnant women are deceived by abortion providers like Planned Parenthood into believing their unborn children are simply inhuman masses of “fetal tissue,” Loesch’s post proves the heartbreaking reality that some women who opt to terminate their pregnancies know full well that they are taking an innocent human life.