Woman Yanked Off a Southwest Plane Blames Racism, Sexism and Islamophobia

ola olugbemi | October 5, 2017

Anila Daulatzai, who was seen getting forcibly removed from a Southwest airplane in a recent viral video, is now claiming that she was subjected to racism, sexism and Islamophobia.

In an interview with ABC news, Daulatzai, 46, stated, "I was a brown woman with a hoodie," as the reason for why she was subjected to the rough treatment of the police officers who escorted her out.

Image Source: ABC News
Anila Daulzatzai

In her mind, of course, her arrest couldn't have possibly been related to any of the charges brought against her by police, including resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. 

Initial reports about the incident claimed that Daulatzai told flight attendants that she was highly allergic to dogs and needed to be removed from the flight due to the presence of two dogs on the plane. However, Daulatzai and her lawyers claim a completely different story. Her lawyers dismissed the reports claiming that she was highly allergic to dogs and claimed that the allergies were not "life-threatening." They also dismissed the claim that Daulatzai ever asked for the dogs to be removed from the flight to begin with.

Daulatzai and her lawyers are planning to sue the airline for physical injuries and mental trauma, saying, "Professor Daulatzai was profiled, abused, interrogated, detained, and subjected to false reporting and the trauma of racist, vitriolic public shaming precisely because she is a woman, a person of color, and a Muslim." 

The lawyers also noted that Daulatzai was two months pregnant at the time of the incident, which made the ordeal even more concerning for her.