Woman Turns Over Her Gun In Baltimore's Buy-Back Program, Says She'll Use the Money For a Bigger Gun

Brittany M. Hughes | December 19, 2018
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A Baltimore woman just traded in her gun during a local firearm buy-back program this week, designed to help rid the Maryland city of its guns. Now, she said she’s using the money to buy an even bigger gun.

This week Baltimore is offering anywhere between $25 and $500 for residents’ voluntarily surrendered firearms, with a total city budget of $250,000. The program, city officials said, aimed to “get the guns off of our streets" - despite the unlikelihood of criminals handing over their weapons for a few bucks from the state.

Even still, local reports said about 500 guns were turned over for cash during the program’s first hour and a half.

But in one hilarious turn, WBFF Baltimore reporter Kathleen Cairns tweeted out a photo of a woman who showed up with her 9mm handgun to trade it in for cash, saying she planned to use the money to buy a bigger weapon.

And people using the city's cash to upgrade their guns might not be the only faux pax in the government’s plan to rid the streets of firearms. Reason notes that while the city was offering $25 for “high capacity” magazines, the same devices can be bought online for as low as $12, meaning the cash people get for turning over these accessories could simply go out, buy two more and still break even.