Woman Slashes SUV Tire After Being Triggered by MAGA Hat


A car sits in a parking lot with a MAGA hat on the console. Four women pull up in a car next to the “MAGA car” and get out and notice the hat. What happens?

One of the women slashes a tire to show her disdain for the car owner’s political beliefs.

Here we go again, the stories of someone getting triggered over a red hat just keep piling up. Earlier this month Nick Dugas left work at Paradise Valley Mall in Arizona and noticed his SUV was leaning to the left. Considering his vehicle usually stands upright, he knew something was wrong.

As he approached his vehicle he noticed his front driver side tire had a 3-inch slash through it, so Dugas being a retail security manager went back into the mall to view surveillance footage of the parking lot.

While viewing the video Dugas saw a woman pour out her frustration and slit his car tire. At the time he didn’t know why this happened.

Putting his investigation skills to use he noticed a red beverage in her hand and went to the store he knew sold the drink — Dutch Bros. Coffee.

As Arizona Republic reports: 

Dugas walked across the street to the Dutch Bros. Coffee and asked about the distinctive drink. It turned out the manager knew the women; they came in often.

Dugas checked the coffee place’s page on Instagram, scrolled through the followers and recognized the women from the surveillance video.

Talk about everything lining up perfectly.

After finding out who these women were Dugas turned over their names and the surveillance video to Phoenix police.

The tire slashing liberal turned out to be just 18-years-old and admitted to police the red hat triggered the leftist tendencies inside of her.

“She later told police that it was because she saw a hat with a political message inside the vehicle which she disagreed with,” spokesman Sgt. Vincent Lewis told the Arizona Republic in an email.

She was cited for criminal damage, a Class 2 misdemeanor (punishable by up to four months in jail), and a $750 fine, according to the Arizona Republic.

The incident put Dugas out of $300 for a new tire and caused him to miss his mother’s birthday party.

“No one has a right to destroy property because they don’t agree with someone else,” he said. “Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being the victim of pure hate because of my belief.”

Dugas said he wouldn’t allow this to put fear in him or make him change his views. The hat still remains in plain sight in his SUV and he used this incident as an opportunity to build confidence in his son, telling him “you don't ever let anybody change who you are, or what you believe in.” 

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