Woman Loses It Over Military Veteran's Service Dog

Nick Kangadis | September 21, 2017
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In yet another example of why we can’t have nice things, a woman in Delaware accosted multiple people at a restaurant because another customer had a service dog in the building.

That other customer is a military veteran, and the service dog had a vest on that read, “PTSD Service Dog.”

The altercation took place at Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant in Delaware City, and one person caught most of the incident on video. The video was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday and already has almost 657,000 views, as of this writing.

Here’s the video:

As you can clearly see, the woman was upset, because while she understands that some people need service dogs, she thinks that having an animal in a restaurant is “nasty.”

The woman was outnumbered in terms of the argument, and even the man she was with didn’t really verbally get involved.

According to Fox News:

According to federal law, the Americans With Disabilities Act requires that restaurants admit patrons with service animals. Delaware, however, does not currently extend those same protections to emotional support animals or “comfort” dogs for people with emotional or mental disabilities.

It is unclear whether the veteran’s dog was officially certified as a service animal in Delaware.

Where this woman went wrong with her argument was when she began personally attacking people using profanity to call them names, thus nullifying her position in the argument.

While the woman is more than entitled to her opinion, when it comes to a military veteran with a service dog, more times than not you’re going to lose that argument.

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