'Wokeness' Comes For #MeToo: NY News Site Suggests Cuomo Accusers Should Be Doubted Because They're White

Brittany M. Hughes | March 15, 2021
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It’s official: “wokeness” has officially come for #MeToo. Now, we should always #believewomen – unless, of course, those women are white.

PoliticsNY, a website covering political news in the Big Apple, published an article Monday seemingly in defense of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, suggesting that the governor's multiple accusers should be automatically doubted because they're all white.

So far, Cuomo has been accused by at least seven female former staffers of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment and inappropriate comments all the way up to and including assault. Facing widespread calls for his resignation form both sides of the aisle, the governor has maintained that he never assaulted anyone, and has apologized for any comments he says he may have made in jest that were misinterpreted by the women. The scandal has enveloped Cuomo and his office amid another investigation into whether the Democrat and his team intentionally covered up the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents who died from COVID thanks to Cuomo's mandate that care facilities accept sick patients back into the home.

But not everyone thinks seven women coming forward with credible allegations should be believed -  because of the color of their skin. In a heavily sympathetic piece painting Cuomo as the hapless victim of targeting by white women, NY Politics cited an anonymous black woman who supposedly worked in Cuomo’s office, along with Harlem Assemblywoman Inez Dickens, also a black woman – both of whom reportedly suggested that Cuomo may be getting “railroaded” by false claims made by white women, along with Democrats who’re too quick to believe a white woman’s word.

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“It’s really unfortunate that the death of thousands of New Yorkers [in the nursing home scandal] had to take a back seat of allegations from white women. That the history of white women allegations is still given number one preference over anything,” the source reportedly said.

The article also pulled a quote from Dickens’ Facebook page, in which the assembly woman took aim at Cuomo’s accusers based on their skin color.

“The third woman wasn’t a Government employee. They were at a wedding with 500 people. No in the corner, in the dark of night but in broad daylight at a party of massive people and she says he touched her back. Well so what. Turn around ask him excuse me are you trying to get my attention because I don’t know you. That’s what a Black woman would have done – handled her business knowing that often sexiness is used to secure favor,” wrote Dickens on Facebook.

The assemblywoman also penned that she believes Cuomo's first accuser, borough presidential candidate Lindsey Boylan, is simply "angry for [Cuomo] not backing her candidacy, failing to fund her campaign and/or she is trying to get the women’s sympathy vote."

The article fails to note that the identities of some of Cuomo's accusers - including their race - have not been publicly disclosed.

As if it could get any more shameless than that, an earlier version of the story (which the publishers said they updated after facing backlash from readers but which had already been captured via screenshot and posted on social media) even invoked the name of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black boy who was brutally beaten to death in 1955 after being accused of catcalling a white woman, to defend the embattled governor against what could possibly be "white women's unsubstantiated claims."


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