'Woke Support Group': British Comedienne Tracey Ullman Trolls the Left

Nick Kangadis | June 25, 2018
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Despite the Far Left’s inability to laugh at anything directed towards themselves, one long-time sketch comedienne decided to poke the bear and make fun of those that are constantly “woke.”

Shockingly, the BBC released a video sketch created by legendary British comedienne Tracey Ullman in which Ullman plays a support group counselor for people suffering — and they’re most definitely suffering — from being too “woke.”

You know the type. These are people that have to absolutely skewer everything because it might possibly offend someone somewhere.

Take a look at the sketch below (Warning: Brief strong language):



Indeed. F*** off, Jaime.

Wherever you are on the ideological spectrum, the first thing you need in your arsenal is the ability to laugh at yourself. Heck, for some of these “woke” people — as Ullman alluded to in the sketch — people need to have the ability to laugh, period.

The comments section on the BBC Comedy Facebook page illustrated exactly what Ullman was basically making fun of.

“I’m ok with trying to be overly virtuous,” one commenter wrote. “Better than being a koolaid drinking deplorable. It is hard to relax and have fun when everything is falling apart around you and there is so much to protest.”

Oh, please. Where's my barf bag? Grow a personality, please! Everyone is so caught up as to whether “their side” is right that they get lost in the unwinnable fight between two sides that will never see eye to eye on much.

This wasn't the first time Ullman has written a sketch that makes fun of the oppressive Left. About a year ago, Ullman released a sketch entitled, "'Not Everyone Thinks Exactly the Same as You Do' Support Group." It's just as funny as it sounds. The video makes fun of those that were so very outraged at Britain voting to leave the European Union (EU).


Lighten up, people. Sure, there’s comedy that simply isn’t funny. That’s not what I’m talking about. But, people need to be able to laugh — not only the opposing side to their views — but at their own side as well.

H/T: Louderwithcrowder.com

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