Woke MLB Mob Shames Rangers, Braves For Not Being 'Inclusive' On Spirit Day

John Simmons | October 25, 2021
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Last Thursday, the MLB took to social media to support “Spirit Day,” a day to raise awareness of the bullying children in the LGTBQ+ community face. Twenty-eight of the 30 teams proudly pounced on the opportunity to virtue signal, but two teams took the opportunity to put their own spin on the meaning of the day.

The Atlanta Braves and the Texas Rangers both tweeted out their stance against all bullying on their official Twitter pages on Thursday.

From the Rangers:


From the Braves:


There was nothing malicious in these statements, and everything should be okay, right? After all, the teams were supporting a stand against bullying of all forms against all people, something noble and good in itself.

Not so fast, because nothing you say is free from scrutiny anymore. Because the Braves and Rangers specifically forgot to mention that “Spirit Day” was focused specifically on the LGTBQ+ youth, the woke mob decided they were worthy of being shamed.

MLB writer Ken Rosenthal perhaps was the most displeased of the bunch, tweeting this on his personal page:


Neil Liebman, the Rangers COO who also serves as the chairman of Major League Baseball’s diversity, equity and inclusion committee, purposefully did not include any specific mention of the LGTBQ+ community in the post and predictably received backlash for it.

So as it turns out, the guy who is in charge of making sure that the MLB is inclusive was ridiculed for … being inclusive?

It’s almost as if the wokesters are trying to say: “Anti-bullying can’t be supported until anti-LGTBQ+ bullying is supported.” So if you’re being bullied but aren’t a member of the LGBTQ+ community, your suffering doesn’t matter.

This situation rings similar to those who claim that “All Lives Matter” instead of just “Black Lives Matter,” with some people even losing their livelihood because of it. The left-wing social justice warriors care about injustice so very much…if it lines up with their views on how to attack it. 

And if you don't fit that mold, prepare to be shamed.

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