WNBA Pledges To Donate Part of Each Ticket Sale to Planned Parenthood

Brittany M. Hughes | May 18, 2018
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Hell-bent on seeing just how low their ratings can get, the Women’s National Basketball Association is donating a portion of its ticket sales to “women’s causes,” which apparently includes Planned Parenthood, the organization responsible for killing more than 150,000 girls every year.

According to the Washington Post, the WNBA’s new “Take a Seat, Take a Stand” initiative pledges to donate $5 from each ticket sold for certain games to nonprofit organizations that deal with women’s issues.

Because in 2018 America, sports can no longer be sports – they must also be political platforms. Ones that risk alienating huge segments of their fan base.

WaPo adds all 12 WNBA teams have signed on to the new project, which also donates money to groups that fight breast cancer and another that helps victims of sexual assault. The project will only apply to single-game ticket sales, the report noted.

“We would support women by supporting Planned Parenthood and the work that they do for women, children and families,” WNBA President Lisa Borders said. “Period, full stop.”

Not that many people were tuning into the WNBA anyway (they pull in about 415,000 views per game to the NBA’s 1.5 million), but it’s likely a good chunk of their fans will rethink taking their daughters to women’s basketball games thanks to the association’s contributions to an infanticide group.

“Period, full stop.”