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Wisconsin College Newspaper Hiring 'Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Reporter'


Ugh…Just ugh.

Because “ugh” might be the only word to describe how the constant barrage of social justice injects itself into the lives of many because of the demands of a few. Universities around the world are guilty of this practice, because they like to acquiesce to intellectual terrorists.

Case in point is the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UWL). The school newspaper — The Racquet — listed a new job opening on their website for a “Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Reporter,” along with another listing for a “General Assignment Reporter.” Again, ugh.

Here’s the job listing according to The Racquet’s website:

1.) General Assignment Reporter

Reporters typically receive weekly story assignments, often on Mondays, but may be asked to find and pursue their own stories. They conduct preliminary background research, and contact sources that will put together a balanced picture of the story. Face-to-face meetings are preferable, but phone conversations suffice. The reporter then creates the article using AP style and Racquet guidelines. The reporter must submit the story by deadline including at least one photo to go with the article (including the appropriate photo credit or source). Reporters are expected to communicate with their editor(s) on a regular basis and attend all mandatory meetings.

2.) Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Reporter

The Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Reporter position is the same as the General Assignment Reporter with a specific focus on issues and stories regarding diversity, inclusions and social justice.

Why does anyone need this? This job listing is essentially for the perpetually offended. If a story doesn’t involve some sort of capitulation by the university — or any other entity — to a “social justice demand,” they’ll be offended by it and it will show in their writing. Social justice is a primarily Left way of going about life.

‘What aren’t I being given? Why am I constantly a victim? Don’t “they” understand that I’m special? Why is everyone else that doesn’t think exactly as I do consistently wrong?’

Those are some of the questions that SJWs typically and unconsciously ask themselves every time they get “triggered” or find anything not to their liking.

For a newspaper that prides itself as a “campus opinion leader by publicizing a diverse range of informed opinions,” they sure seem to be pigeon-holing themselves into a predictable ideological corner.

H/T: Campus Reform

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