Wimps: WaPo Urges Colleges To Provide Counseling Over 'Climate Anxiety'

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | September 23, 2022
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College campuses are now wasting money to validate feelings of anxiety over climate change. 

You can insert your own "snowflake" punchline, but this is not a joke. 

On September 12 the Washington Post, highlighted the “critical” need for what it called “climate stress counseling services” at universities across the country. 

“It was hard to feel as though there was a ‘level of understanding of how dire the situation is,’” one student told the Post

Oh Lord, here come the sob stories.

“Eco-anxiety is commonly used to describe people’s concerns about climate change, but psychologists say it is better to use more general terms such as 'climate stress' and 'climate distress' — terms that encompass the array of feelings someone may have in response to climate change,” according to the Post

You’ve got to be kidding me. 

The Post indicated that these “counseling services” are to “validate” students feelings of helplessness and anxiety over climate change. 

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So yes, that means that tax-payer money that goes into public universities is paying for students to have their feelings over climate change “validated.” 

What the frick is happening to our society!?

More lunacy indicated that these university support groups needed places to “manage despair and grief related to the future of the planet.” 

At meetings, participants would choose an object in nature they resonate with — including leaves, flowers, twigs, stones, shells — sparking conversation and allowing students to connect to each other’s experiences.

To take it a step further, the Post indicated that “experts” suggested that counselors seek special training to help people with “eco-anxiety” as it takes a special type of psycho to think that people need therapy over climate change. 

Here's what I expect these support groups to look like:

Washington Post not only published this dumb story to its website but even spent money printing it out for the September 16 edition of the paper. 

Sure, the climate may be experiencing some changes but dwelling on it and having “support groups” to talk about twigs, flowers and stones is not going to do anything except validate stupid feelings. 

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