Willy Wonka They Are Not: Young Chocolate Salesman Attack Hooters

Nick Kangadis | October 11, 2022
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In yet another example of an entire generation that thinks they’re entitled to any and everything they want, a pack of jackals attacked a Hooters manager and the restaurant itself in Plano, Texas late last week.

TMZ has published video of the altercation that has surfaced showing a group of young black boys and possibly young adult men violently attacking a Hooters restaurant and anyone even close to the establishment, regardless of whether they were employees or customers.


According to TMZ:

Plano PD tells TMZ ... witnesses say this group of guys was selling chocolate in the Hooters parking lot, and when they were approached by a manager and asked to leave -- things allegedly got violent. We're told a couple of them attacked the manager and left with him a broken arm, and at that point ... things spilled inside, where a customer was hurt too.

PPD says they're investigating this as an aggravated assault case ... but so far, no arrests have been made. They'll be looking at this video as part of the evidence.

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So they were going nuts over not being able to sell chocolate on someone else’s property? That sounds about right for this day and age. And they reportedly broke the manager of the restaurant’s arm. But, of course, no arrests have been made.

In today’s society, even if they get arrested, there’s very little faith left in the justice system to make anyone accountable for their actions, especially since the kids and/or young adults will most likely use their “black privilege” to avoid any serious repercussions for their actions.

Children, of any color, should have some kind of guiding force in their lives that make it clear that actions — like the ones taken above — are discouraged and the prevailing entitlement complex of “Generation Z” brought back down to manageable levels.


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