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Will Rick Perry Run a "Morning in America" Campaign?


As we've all heard over and over again the past week or so Rick Perry has announced his intention to announce when he will announce his presidential campaign. Thus it's fair to take any and all speeches he makes now until his official announcement as a glimpse of what his campaign will put forth. San Antonio's NBC affiliate gives us one of the first glimpses of what may be the style of Rick Perry's campaign. (h/t Fox Nation)

Call me crazy but as short as that clip was it has all the trappings of Reagan's 1980 campaign. These are dark days but America is the greatest country on earth and it's "brightest hour is just around the corner". Take a hefty dose of condemnation for the failed policies which brought us to this dark place, combine it with immutable optimism about America and its people, stir, and apply it generously as needed.

Sure the famous "Morning in America" ad is actually from Reagan's 1984 re-elections campaign but the sentiment was there in his 1980 campaign as well. In fact just below the podium where Reagan gave his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention were the words "Together ... A New Beginning". Reagan was essentially saying he could see a new morning in America dawning. It seems that is what Perry is saying now too.

It worked for Reagan against Carter. Logic says it should work against the President most often compared to Carter, no?

Of course major questions remain. Will Perry's campaign make this optimistic tone their centerpiece? Is President Obama really another Jimmy Carter? Can Rick Perry fill the shoes of Ronald Reagan?

And, perhaps most important of all, is there a politician out there that can lead America into a new morning?

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