Will Kamala Address Border Crisis? It's a Coin Toss

John Simmons | September 20, 2021
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Shortly after President Joe Biden was sworn in, he gave Kamala Harris the reigns to oversee and address the issues taking place at our southern border. Unfortunately, Harris has routinely ignored her responsibilities of actually addressing the problems and has been given a completely free pass by the leftist media. Yesterday, she came out of hiding, but it wasn’t to do her job.

Harris attended a college football game between Hampton University and her alma mater, Howard University, to perform the coin toss before kickoff. Both universities are HBCUs, and it seemed fitting to have the first black vice president in attendance to perform the toss. Howard head coach Larry Scott said that Harris’ appearance “was a historic moment that created an atmosphere he and his players will never forget.”

“That’s why you come to Howard, to play against teams like Hampton and playing games like that and to have your fans and students and everybody be a part of it.”

While most everyone in the media and in attendance viewed this as a historic moment that should forever be treasured (for whatever reason that is beyond me), Harris should have been attending to the ore important issues facing our country, and not at a football game. Thousands of Haitian immigrants are currently residing near our border overwhelming our border patrol and causing havoc for our country. It started with 4,000, but 15,000 illegal Haitian immigrants currently reside at our border as of Sunday.

The ineptitude with which this administration has handled the border crisis is nothing short of astounding. And what has Harris done to address the issue? Nothing, despite the fact that she has been appointed leader of the border crisis.  

But hey, at lest she can come out of hiding for football!

The border crisis has chronically been one of the worst-handled situations by left-leaning administrations, and this administration has continued that unfortunate trend. It is so a group of citizens who are so poor and desperate come in and rely on politicians to provide them healthcare and relative safety in exchange for political power. Anything they can do to not address the issue and create more chaos to carry out their plan – like sending the vice president to a football game – will happen again and again.

Ironically, Harris’ presence did little to help the home team. While the Bisons won the toss, they ended up losing the game, 48-32.


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