Why Wouldn't They? Los Angelenos Riot & Loot Following Dodgers World Series Win

Nick Kangadis | October 28, 2020

Leave it to rioters and looters to take advantage of any and all situations in which they can criminally steal and destroy. Someone shoots someone else pretty much anywhere? Riot and loot. Something politically polarizing happens in this country? Riot and loot. Heck, a baseball team wins a championship half a country away? Why not? Riot and loot, rinse and repeat.

Almost immediately after the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series on Tuesday night — in Texas, by the way — Los Angelenos took to the streets to set off fireworks, do doughnuts in their cars and celebrate the Dodgers first title since 1988.

Oh yeah, they also decided to riot and loot.

Take a look:



Apparently, there doesn’t need to be much justification for rioting these days. And the riots themselves have blended into one another so you don’t know who or why the destruction, vandalism and theft is occurring.