Why Stop at Stoves?! New York Gov. Wants to Ban All Gas Appliances in Homes by 2035

Nick Kangadis | January 13, 2023
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Just in case those in charge of the government in the state of New York didn’t contribute to enough death during the pandemic in the form of placing sick COVID patients in nursing homes, just wait until people begin dying from the cold in the winter should the power ever go out. And I’m not being hyperbolic, either. People are going to die because of these climate alarmists forcing their constituents to live their lives as the government sees fit.

Authoritarian New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) has “pledged to not only do away with gas stoves but all natural gas appliances over the next decade,” according to Hot Air.

As part of her “Achieving The New York Dream” agenda that coincided with her State of the State address from Tuesday evening, Hochul is going to attempt to put into motion the prohibition of “the sale of any new fossil fuel heating equipment by 2035” and “transition all new construction to be zero-emission by 2028.”

Of course, anyone with existing gas appliances may keep them as they’re grandfathered in, but with the prohibition of “the sale of any new fossil fuel heating equipment by 2035,” replacing said existing gas appliances will only include appliances approved by climate alarmists like Hochul.

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Bloomberg reported:

Governor Kathy Hochul is proposing to make New York the first state in the US to ban natural gas heating and appliances in new buildings, the latest salvo in an ongoing nationwide fight over the fuel.

Hochul called during her state-of-the-state address Tuesday to ban the use of fossil fuels by 2025 for newly built smaller structures and 2028 for larger ones. New York would also prohibit the sale of any new fossil-fuel heating systems starting in 2030.

At this point, consider New York the California of the east coast. It’s almost as if the politicians in these states want who they represent to fail and move out of those states — well, those that haven’t already left. It’s either that or they personally or have friends with vested interests in “the Green movement.”

For Hochul's full State of the State address from earlier this week, watch below:




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