Why Are Liberals So Mad About This Trump Judicial Pick?

Maureen Collins | July 24, 2017
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President Trump has been rapid-fire filling open judicial seats since taking the oath of office in January. 

Just this past Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved John K. Bush for an open seat on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Backlash from left-leaning media was swift. 

Why? Well, because Bush had contributed to his wife's blog, posting under the pseudonym G. Morris. He wrote critiques of Obama, as well as posts against two leftist sacred cows: abortion and same-sex marriage. 

There are two posts in particular that have liberals upset. First, Bush used a derogatory term for a homosexual that starts with an "f" and used to mean a "bundle of sticks." Senator Elizabeth Warren mentioned this in a floor speech on Wednesday, the day before Bush was confirmed by the committee. This comment, along with posts in support of traditional marriage, led Slate to call Bush an "anti-gay blogger." 

However, Bush didn't actually write this himself. He was giving a speech in which he quoted Hunter S. Thompson's famous piece from 1970, "The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved." So, if that word seems outdated and politically incorrect, it's because it is.

Should Bush have used this quote? Maybe not. But he is far from waltzing around using gay slurs indiscriminately. 

But media outlets like The Daily Beast are also in disbelief that Bush compared abortion to slavery. Bush wrote in a blog post:

"...the two greatest tragedies in our country—slavery and abortion—relied on similar reasoning and activist justices at the U.S. Supreme Court, first in the Dred Scott decision, and later in Roe.”

This is nothing new. Many pro-life advocates (including Alveda Kingniece of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.) have been making this comparison for years.

Liberals love feigning shock and outrage over judicial nominees' positions on Roe v. Wade. In 2005, Judge Bill Pryor on the Eleventh Circuit said in his Senate confirmation hearing that he considered Roe to be "the worst abomination in the history of constitutional law." Liberals trotted out that quote again this winter when Pryor's name was floating around as a potential Supreme Court nominee. 

It's all political theater. Despite all the media hype, Bush's nomination is now going to the Senate floor for a vote. 

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