Whoops: 30 Taliban Terrorists Accidentally Blew Themselves Up During a Bomb-Making Class

Brittany M. Hughes | February 16, 2021
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At least 30 members of the Taliban accidentally blew themselves up during a class on bomb-making. Which, I suppose if you look at the silver linings, means they all earned straight A’s for their IED skills.

Of course, it also means several dozen fewer terrorists on the planet, so everyone wins.

According to this, at least 30 Taliban fighters including six foreign nationals were killed in the explosion, which occurred at a mosque where the group had gathered to learn how to make bombs and IEDs. The incident occurred around the same time that two children were killed by an IED set by the Taliban in another Afghani province.

The 209th Shaheen Corps, a group in the Afghan National Army, said the six foreign nationals killed in the blast were so disfigured that they couldn’t be identified.

If the intent of the class was to learn how to blow things up, it’s safe to say these guys passed with flying colors!

…well, red, mostly.