Who Elected Him? Bill Gates Plays Pandemic Gloom & Doom on CNN, Next 4-6 Months 'Could be Worst of the Epidemic'

Nick Kangadis | December 15, 2020
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Here's a question. Who elected billionaire philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates to...well, anything? He's constantly brought on the radical media networks to explain different aspects of the ongoing Chinese coronavirus pandemic, but he has no degree in medicine. Although, his interests are probably vast considering he's funded a lot of the research into finding a vaccine.

Whatever the case might be, Gates joined host Jake Tapper Sunday on CNN to talk about the distribution of the vaccine and what the forseeable future looks like for the U.S. Unfortunately, Gates merely spread more gloom and doom concerning the outlook.

Of course it doesn't help when the puppet hosts at CNN tee it up for Gates to continue keeping everyone depressed concerning the pandemic.

"How bad do you expect things to get over the next three or four months before the vaccine is widely available?" Tapper asked.
Tapper didn't ask which way things could go in the coming months. No, he deliberately asked "how bad" things will get so that there could only be a negative answer. Gates didn't disappoint in his response.

"Well sadly, the next four to six months could be the worst of the epidemic," Gates began. "The IHME [Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation] forecast shows over 200,000 additional deaths."

But Gates wasn't done. He went on to pretty much blame the public for the continuance of the pandemic, saying that people need to "follow the rules."

"If we would follow the rules in terms of wearing masks and not, uh, mixing, we could avoid a large percentage of those deaths," Gates said. "So in the near term, it's bad news."

Is Gates saying that he doesn't expect Americans to "follow the rules?" How could it be bad news if we can "avoid a large percentage" of those 200,000 "additional deaths" if people continue - because the majority are already doing wearing masks in required places - to "follow the rules?" 

Why does the radical media consider Gates to be one of their COVID czars? He was appointed by no one and has no medical degree, yet the radical media holds water for him. I guess money does talk.

One thing is for sure. While small businesses and the average person are getting raked over the coals financially during this pandemic, the billionaires have become even more ridiculously wealthy.

For Gates' full segment with Tapper, watch below: