Whitmer’s Top Aide Caught Flouting the Gov's Lockdown Edicts - Then Attacks Those Who Exposed Her

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 12, 2021
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It appears that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s inability to abide by her own fascistic, unconstitutional, and immoral “COVID19” lockdownmask, and social distancing edicts is not a form of hypocrisy in which only she and her husband eagerly engage.

Sure, in spring of 2020, Whitmer ordered Michigan residents to “socially distance” (i.e. become anti-social) and then marched side-by side with many people in a June rally inspired by the death of George Floyd. Sure, she broke her own “gathering size” restrictions by attending the Biden inauguration.

And, yeah, early in her stretch as Michigan Dictator, her husband, Dr. Marc Mallory, not only traveled 184 miles from home to “rake leaves” at another property, the man also got caught trying to pull rank with a northern MI boat dock company to get their boat lowered into a lake prior to Memorial Day, as shifts in Whitmer’s own Lockdown orders saw demand for such services rise in that part of the state -- a move that Whitmer subsequently admitted, but claimed was a ”failed attempt at humor.”

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Now, evidently admiring those examples of class and consistency, Whitmer’s top tax-paid aide has joined them in the shambolic hypocrisy parade.

On April 9, Breitbart’s Kyle Olsen reported:

Tricia L. Foster, who was appointed by Whitmer as the state’s Chief Operations Officer, posted several photos from the Florida Keys, according to screenshots obtained by Breitbart News…

And, sure enough Bretbart visitors got to scroll down to see her publicly posted pics from the beach, and the smiling Ms. Foster sandwiched between two others, cheek to grinning cheek, in Florida – the state so many Democrats demonize as a COVID19 “super-spreader” and “danger-zone” locale because Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has steered away of the very kinds of unconstitutional and immoral diktats Whitmer imposed.

Diktats that, as her Chief Operations Officer, Foster is supposed to uphold and execute.

One would think that, if the orders are so beneficial, so kind and caring and loving, Foster would abide by them.

How odd.

But it gets even more entertaining. Seriously. As Olsen reports, a friend of Fosters reached her on social media:

’I swear I saw you walking today,’ the person said on a purported Foster Facebook post containing several beach photos from earlier this week.

‘Likely,’ Foster responded.

When asked where one of her absent family members was — apparently her son — Foster responded, ‘home with covid [coronavirus].’

How sweet. Not only is Foster fleeing Michigan, fleeing Whitmer, and escaping her own boss’s history of lockdown, social distance, and mask nonsense, she’s openly telling people she’s left a home where someone has tested “positive” for this supposedly world-threatening virus.

As a bit of added spice, Olsen refers to Whitmer’s most recent burbling on what the masses of Michigan “should or should not do,” noting:

She added, ‘Missing his [senior] trip to the Bahamas so planned girls plan b 24 hours before flight.’

On April 3, just days before Foster purportedly left the state, Whitmer urged Michiganders to avoid spring break trips to Florida, WVPE reported

But, evidently, Foster is much like Whitmer and Dr. Mallory, and can flout those political “suggestions” if she wants to feel the Florida beach between her toes.

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And, not one to shirk from behaving like Whitmer, who has lashed out at criticsand set government goons on business people trying to stay afloat in her sea of shutdowns, Foster did not apologize for her actions. She did not resign from her $165K per year post.

In fact, Whitmer’s Press Secretary attacked the bringer of the truth, the source of the revelation, Breitbart.

As Breaking 911 noted on April 10:

Whitmer’s press secretary Bobby Leddy acknowledged that the pictures were from Foster’s FB page, but called the Breitbart article ‘a partisan attack from a garbage white nationalist website’

So, facts are partisan. Breitbart, somehow, is “white nationalist,” and drawing attention to a tax-funded political employee’s towering hypocrisy is an “attack.”

Typical reactions by politicians and bureaucrats who engage in aggression and hypocrisy, then, when called-out for it, pose as the innocent, helpless, hapless “victim.”

The victims are the residents and taxpayers of Michigan, whose rights have been utterly crushed, whose livelihoods destroyed, and whose existence as living individuals has been shown such monumental disrespect by Foster and her boss.

But hey, at least Florida can claim another supporter of its open-life, anti-lockdown, pro-freedom policy.