'Whiteness Is Terror,' University of Memphis Professor Preaches

anthony.christopher | June 30, 2015
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In the latest installment of crazy stuff said by University faculty, a professor of sociology at the University of Memphis has a long and troubled history of saying racist and radical stuff on social media. 

To make matters worse, the University of Memphis is a PUBLIC research university funded by We The Taxpayers.

As reported by the outlet SoCawlege, Zandria Robinson stated that being white is a form of “terror” and that white people are “conditioned” to be mass shooters in response to the Charleston shooting [Warning: Strong Language].

She also unleashed on Campus Reform reporter Peter Hasson for his piece on her earlier this month:

Unwilling to let an opportunity to bash white Americans go to waste, the professor also weighed in on the Confederate flag controversy:

What’s clear is that academia has become a cesspool of this nonsense. Every week there’s a new story like this. Conservative students are intimidated across the country, and often don’t speak out against professors as aggressive as this in order to save their grades.

University of Memphis is promoting these tweets using their website by directing students to her Twitter handle as seen here.

UPDATE: Today, the University of Memphis posted a tweet saying that Zandria Robinson is no longer employed there. Her profile page on the university's website, which was visible to the public yesterday, is no longer available. A spokesperson for the university confirmed to MRCTV that Robinson is no longer with the school and said that no further details are being released.